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Amber Valetta

Born on February 9th 1974, Amber Valetta, despite her exotic name, is American, having been born in Tucson, Arizona. Her parents soon moved from Tucson to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Amber was raised. Growing up, Amber wanted initially to become a sociologist and work in the social scope. But her life took a different, albeit blessed, turn and she ended up in a very different career. Knowing that her little girl's beauty stood out among the rest, her mother enrolled her in a modeling school at 15 years old. A local agency soon sent the now 5'9" brunette to Milan where her first shoot was posing for Italian Vogue. Soon after that, Amber got her first big break; the cover shoot for French Elle magazine by Hans Feurer. Not too long after that, Amber, like most models began residing in Paris. She is a vegetarian, loves sweets and smokes sparingly these days. For breakfast she eats, in New York, only orange juice and a cigarette and in Paris all she eats for breakfast is a croissant. Her best friend is supermodel Shalom Harlow. (Amber's mom gave us this information.)